When someone you care about is incarcerated, it is important to build a network of support that can assist you as you navigate the system on your friend or family member’s behalf. A criminal lawyer can provide this integral assistance for you and your loved one. Attorneys can help interpret legal jargon you may encounter when seeking support for your incarcerated friend or family member. A good lawyer is an essential source of information and can counsel you on your loved one’s legal rights, which vary depending on where he or she is in the process. Finally, an attorney has a network of connections and years of experience to leverage when representing your friend or family member. Despite the advantages of securing an attorney, gaining access to a skilled criminal lawyer can be difficult, especially if you have never had to search for one before.

How Inmate Support Can Help

Inmate Support is your path to locating a criminal lawyer in your area. Through its searchable directory of hundreds of attorneys throughout the United States, the site’s state-of-the-art search technology connects you with a list of qualified practitioners of law in seconds. Inmate Support’s search results are enabled to for easy retrieval later, either through bookmarking or saving to your desktop. Your search for a lawyer requires just a few easy steps:

Category: Indicate Criminal Lawyer in the first search field. If you prefer to locate an attorney nearest to your loved one’s facility, you might need to search for that information first.

Keywords: Inmate Support’s search algorithm allows you to enter keywords that may be important to you when seeking an attorney, but you have the option to leave this field blank.

Location: The location field guides your search by mailing address, city, state, or zip code. Once you begin typing, the search technology will provide you with choices to pinpoint the location.

Radius: If needed, you can select up to a 10-mile radius from the location you indicated, which will widen the search parameters.

Inmate Support’s directory provides instant results, offering profiles of criminal lawyers that match your search criteria.

How Can I Use This Information?

Each attorney and/or firm profile provides a general description of the lawyer, office location information, contact details, and links to additional resources. Profiles offer background information to give you a sense of the attorney’s experience as well as information on the types of cases the team has tackled previously and a list of areas of the law in which the firm specializes.

What Are My Next Steps?

After studying the profiles provided in the search results, there are additional steps you can take to make sure you find the attorney that is the right for you:

  1. Do your homework. Spend some time researching the type of lawyer your friend or family member needs and the costs that may be associated with hiring legal counsel. Develop a checklist for the qualities you are looking for in an attorney, such as years of experience, successful case outcomes, high moral character, or congenial manner.
  2. Prepare for the initial consultation. Before you meet with prospective attorneys and firms, prepare for the meeting. Gather any supportive documents you may need to reference, and develop a list of questions you would like answered.
  3. Seek additional support. Although a reputable lawyer may be a significant component of your support system, there is more you can do. Inmate Support provides a multitude of resources to aid you in supporting for your friend or family member. The searchable database also includes Jail Information and Bail Bondsmen by geographical area as well as an Inmate Guide to help you prepare for visits and explore other support resources.