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West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Authority

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1325 Virginia Street East, Charleston, WV 25301, USA, West Virginina, USA WV 25301

West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Authority is as state jail facility located at 1325 Virginia Street East Charleston, WV 25301.West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Authority serves the entire state of West Virginia. West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Authority is Regional Facility that incarcerates offenders for law enforcement in Kanawha and surrounding counties to share in the cost of housing inmates. The facility is fenced and razor wired and has a medium ratio of correctional officers to inmates. The inmate movements are monitored but there is ample time recreation outdoors. The facility provides incarcerated persons with the opportunities for self-improvement and rehabilitation by participating in programs geared to vocational opportunities which are known to reduce recidivism. This prison is deemed a regional facility because it is used by multiple jurisdictions of the state where two or more jurisdictions share in both the initial construction and ongoing operating costs. Representatives of the jurisdictions jointly organize, administer, operate, and finance the facilities through an annual budget. While municipal and county jails tend to serve similar functions, regardless of the states where they are located, state jail facilities may serve very different purposes depending on their location.

In some states, state jail facilities hold pre-trial detainees, especially if the county where the defendant was arrested lacks the space or appropriate facility to hold the defendant. In other states, designated state jail facilities only hold post-conviction inmates who have been sentenced to serve their time in the state jail facility. In fact, some states, like Texas, have designated some crimes specifically as state jail felonies. These offenses, which are generally non-violent property offenses or drug offenses, result in sentences ranging from six months to two years with confinement specified to the state jail facility. For more information of the specifics of state jails in West Virginia, you can visit their state government website

The The operation of the facility is much like a prison versus a jail where they the living quarters are in "pods" with a large common area where the tables and chairs are affixed to the floor. There are individual cells placed on two levels with stairs on either end. Controlled movements - the inmates cannot leave the pod unless they are escorted by unarmed correctional officers (COs) - whether it is a trip to the commissary, the library or the recreation area, there is constant supervision.  An inmate's day starts with wake-up at 5:30 a.m. and breakfast is served from 6-6:30 a.m. Offenders report to their assignment jobs at 7:30 a.m. Every offender who is physically able has a job in the prison system. Offenders are not paid for their work, but they can earn privileges as a result of good work habits. Offenders also learn job skills that can help them find employment when released from their commitment term.

West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Authority Facility and Inmate Contact Information:

Phone Number: 304-558-2110

 Send Mail to the Facility:

West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Authority

1325 Virginia Street

East Charleston, WV 25301

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