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Federal Detention Center SeaTac

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2425 South 200th Street, Seattle, WA 98198, USA, Washington, USA WA 98198

Federal Detention Center (FDC) - SeaTac is a maximum security federal facility located in Seattle, WA, and is under the administration of the US Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The facility consists of one large building in the middle of the downtown district strategically located next to the Federal Courthouse. This facility only houses federal detainees that have violated their conditions of supervised release, awaiting trial, arraignment or sentenci ng. There are no long-term sentences served in the FDC, however it is normal for inmates with a year or less may be housed here for the duration of their sentence. The security and strict environment makes this facility one of the more difficult places to do time. Inmates are either housed in a cell on their own or with another inmate. There is limited recreation and no access to the outside as this facility is self-contained in one building. The safety of inmates is closely monitored, with a high number of staff to inmate ratio, with 24/7 controlled movements around all areas of the facility. This prison is a secure facility within the purview of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).  There is a mayor (the warden), police (correctional staff, called COs), housing (cells or dormitories), medical care (infirmary), library (law, education and lending), a cafeteria (chow hall), a lock-up (disciplinary segregation unit, the SHU, the "hole"), laws (administrative rules), judges (disciplinary hearings officers, called DHOs), a market (the commissary), civic organizations (clubs), worship (chapel), a park (the recreation yard), and the inmates all required to work and hold a job like an orderly which clean the common areas, kitchen help, commissary work, landscaping which keeps the surroundings cut and clean, education department jobs, recreation department jobs and the chapel area ll places where inmates work..     There is no privacy in prison - inmates dress, shower, and use the bathroom in the company of other inmates.  Inmates are required to make their bunks and keep their personal possessions neat.  All inmates wear identical clothing and must carry their identification card with them at all times.  Most possessions allowed must be purchased from the commissary. Meal times are 6-7 am for breakfast, 11 am for lunch and 4:30 for dinner, there is no butting in line and there are no seconds. Inmates are subject to searches of their person and/or cell at any time.  All movements of inmates from one area to another are monitored and supervised.  All phone calls (except legal calls) are recorded and monitored and must be made collect or with a TRU-links pre-paid account. There is also an email system called CORRlinks which allows for delayed emailing to approved recipients for a fee.

Phone Number: 206-870-5700

Fax Number: 206-870-5717

Email Address: SET/

Physical Prison Address:

2425 South 200th Street

Mailing Address:

P.O. BOX 13900

Find an Inmate The Bureau of Prisons maintains an inmate locator service.

Send Money to an Inmate  All money at for prisoners in federal prisons must be processed through a central processing facility in Des Moines.

Purchase Commissary Items for an Inmate  Prisoners can purchase their own commissary items with funds in their inmate trust accounts; this link will take you to a list of items available in the prison commissary.  Commissary purchases are limited to $265 per month.

Visit an Inmate  Visitation hours at the facility are: Sunday 7:30am-2:30pm; Monday 2pm-9pm; Friday 2pm-9pm; Saturday 7:30am.  Holiday visiting hours are 7:30am-2:30pm.  Inmates confined to special housing units may have restricted visiting hours.  Visitation may also be restricted for safety and security; before visiting, call 206-870-5700 to confirm visitation hours

Receive calls from an Inmate Information on inmate phone calls, including how to get on the phone call list, can be found in the prison’s handbook. SeaTac FDC uses the Trufone system.

Email an Inmate Inmates in Bureau of Prisons facilities, including SeaTac FDC have access to Trulincs, a system that permits electronic correspondence that is similar to email or text messaging.

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