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4700 Bureau Road South,Terre Haute, IN 47802, Indiana, USA IN 47802

United States Penitentiary Terre Haute was founded in 1940. United States Penitentiary Terre Haute is a maximum security federal facility located at 4700 Bureau Road South, Terre Haute, IN 47802 and is under the administration of the US Bureau of Prisons (BOP). There are several towers overseeing the property which has a reinforced perimeter with layers and rows of razor wire. Inmates are either housed in a cell on their own or with another inmate. Maximum security prisons house the most serious offenders, the ones with the longest sentences. The safety of inmates is closely monitored, with a high number of staff to inmate ratio, with 24/7 controlled movements around all areas of the facility. This prison has a state-of-the-art perimeter, heavy-duty walls and reinforced fences. Maximum security houses their inmates in single or multiple cell housing depending on the behavior of the prisoners. The buildings have cameras everywhere for close monitoring of inmate actions. These inmates are considered the most dangerous to society with crimes ranging from murder, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorism. Inmates secured in high security facilities are not trusted to work out in the field in any community programs like work release, but they have many programs that are recommended the inmate participate in – this gives credits towards getting transferred to lower custody prisons within the BOP. This prison is a secure facility within the purview of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). The BOP is a division of the US Justice Department whose main function is to protect public safety by ensuring that federal offenders serve their sentences of imprisonment in facilities that are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and appropriately secure, and provide reentry programming to ensure their successful return to the community. Convicted federal offenders are sent to prison as punishment and are therefore property of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). They must follow very strict rules of conduct and order or they are held to additional punishment like loss of privileges or even isolation. Prison is like a small city inside a city. There is a mayor (the warden), police (correctional staff, called COs), housing (cells or dormitories), medical care (infirmary), library (law, education and lending), a cafeteria (chow hall), a lock-up (disciplinary segregation unit, the SHU, the "hole"), laws (administrative rules), judges (disciplinary hearings officers, called DHOs), a market (the commissary), civic organizations (clubs), worship (chapel), a park (the recreation yard), and the inmates all required to work and hold a job like an orderly which clean the common areas, kitchen help, commissary work, landscaping which keeps the surroundings cut and clean, education department jobs, recreation department jobs and the chapel area ll places where inmates work..     There is no privacy in prison - inmates dress, shower, and use the bathroom in the company of other inmates.  Inmates are required to make their bunks and keep their personal possessions neat.  All inmates wear identical clothing and must carry their identification card with them at all times.  Most possessions allowed must be purchased from the commissary. Meal times are 6-7 am for breakfast, 11 am for lunch and 4:30 for dinner, there is no butting in line and there are no seconds. Inmates are subject to searches of their person and/or cell at any time.  All movements of inmates from one area to another are monitored and supervised.  All phone calls (except legal calls) are recorded and monitored and must be made collect or with a TRU-links pre-paid account. There is also an email system called CORRlinks which allows for delayed emailing to approved recipients for a fee.

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Phone Number(s): (760) 246-7600, 812-244-4400
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United States Penitentiary Terre Haute

4700 Bureau Road South,

Terre Haute, IN 47802


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