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San Quentin, CA 94974, United States, California, USA 94974

San Quentin State Prison is one of the oldest and most iconic prisons of California.  It serves as the only gas chamber in the state and death row for all male inmates sentenced to death in California.  The prison dates back to 1852 and was built by inmates who would eventually inhabit the facility.  During the construction of the prison the inmates were forced to sleep on a ship at night and work during the day.  Today the facility holds over 6,000 inmates of varying custody levels from minimum to death row.

Inmates housed at San Quentin can work in furniture manufacturing and making mattresses.  Vocational skills taught here include electrical, graphic arts, landscaping, dry cleaning, plumbing and metal fabrication.  The education provided at this facility includes a reading and literacy program, a basic adult education program, a GED program and a pre-release program that prepares inmates who are about to be released.

Visiting Hours at San Quentin State Prison:

Visits to inmates in the general population are Saturdays and Sundays from 7:30am-2:30pm, you must arrive to visitation no later than 1:00pm to be allowed entrance.  If you are visiting any other inmate at this facility you must schedule an appointment 7 days or more in advance.  You can schedule a visiting appointment online here.  All visitors must have submitted a visiting application and been approved prior to visiting.


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